What are Common & Choice Based Waiting Lists?

If you wish to apply for housing in Cardiff, your application will be placed on the Common Waiting List.

Common Waiting List - What is it?

  • A single application and assessment process for everyone applying for social housing in Cardiff
  • One waiting list for everyone waiting for accommodation in Cardiff
  • All housing associations and the Council will allocate from the same list and use the same allocations criteria
  • The Council will manage the list on behalf of the all the housing associations

What will it mean for me..?

  • You will only have to complete one application form in order to be registered on the waiting list for all social housing in Cardiff
  • There will only be one assessment process
  • All housing associations will allocate properties according to the same Allocations Policy, so this will make the whole process easier to understand
  • Once you are registered on the list you can be considered for housing anywhere in Cardiff, regardless of who the landlord is

If you wish to apply for housing in the following areas, your application will be placed on a Choice Based lettings Common Waiting List:

• Torfaen - "Torfaen Homeseeker"
• Merthyr Tydfil - "Tai Dewis"
• Vale of Glamorgan - "Homes 4U"

What is Choice based letting?
Choice Based Lettings is a new approach to letting homes which will make lettings arrangements more transparent and give prospective tenants more control over the lettings process.

Rather than homes being allocated by the council, choice based lettings allow tenants and prospective tenants to bid for the available properties they are interested in. Available homes will be advertised by a number of methods such as, web-sites, property magazines, which will allow applicants to see what housing is available in the area and enable them to play a greater role in the process of selecting their home.

Choice based lettings will not increase the amount of available social housing. However, people seeking re-housing will have accurate information on how many homes are actually available, where these homes are located and their chances of being housed. As the system is much more transparent, housing applicants will have all the information necessary to make their own informed choices.

How to make a bid
All registered home-seekers will be able to ‘bid' for the homes advertised. Bidding can be done through various methods such as phone, fax, via a web-site, by text. Each Local Authority will issue you with information as to how you can bid for homes in their area.

A shortlist of bidders will be drawn up and the home-seeker in the highest priority will be offered the property. If they do not want to accept the property it will be offered to the next highest bidder and so on.

One of the advantages of the transparency of choice based lettings is that it helps people understand the likelihood of being re-housed, and consider options other than being housed by the Local Authority or Housing Associations.

Applicants have more information on their housing opportunities. They will see the number of properties available and the level of priority of successful bidders.

Choice based lettings will also provide a place to advertise opportunities for shared ownership, and hopefully in the future, private rented options.

Please click on the area of choice on the left of the screen to access information on how to apply to a choice based lettings schemes for your chosen area

What are Common & Choice Based Waiting Lists?
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