A day in a life of a Neighbourhood Income Coach

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If you have a home with us, you have access to a neighbourhood income coach in your area. A typical day for a neighbourhood income coach is very varied and challenging.

My diary can include:

  • Reviewing customer accounts
  • Contacting customers and providing advice and support in relation to their rent accounts including rent arrears and benefit issues including Universal Credit
  • Talking to customers about all the ways in which they can pay their rent and helping them to choose the option best suited to them
  • Helping and supporting customers who may be struggling with money or benefit issues, ensuring they are maximising their income and claiming all the benefits they are entitled to
  • Completing budgets with customers to help identify areas where potential savings can be made
  • Helping customers with their finances, mental health and well-being, and making referrals to appropriate agencies for support
  • Helping customers with their training or educational needs, leading to referrals for educational courses or into-work training
  • Looking for appropriate financial support with grants or charities to help our customers achieve their work or life goals and aspirations
  • Working closely with customers to ensure they can stay in their home, making referrals to our in-house Smart Money team or to Citizens Advice
  • Working with other partner agencies like the Department for Work and Pensions, local authorities and support agencies to build good working relationships

Please feel free to contact us for a chat and to see how we can help. You can get in touch with our neighborhood coaches by calling 0800 024 8968 or emailing income.coach@hafod.org.uk