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Our People Strategy

The purpose of this document is for our colleagues, customers and stakeholders to understand, embrace and support our aims to enable our colleagues to have great days at work.

The document sets out our people ambitions and goals which complement our strategic plan up to 2024. We welcome any feedback and input on how we can enable colleagues to have more great days at work.

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  Covid-19 Governance Framework

Governance has responded to the pandemic by instigating our business continuity planning which involves ensuring that resources are directed to areas to protect critical business functions whilst maintaining overall viability of the Hafod.  In some cases this has involved the postponement of certain functions and these will be highlighted as part of the reporting to members for each key business area.

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Making Lives Better: Caring for the Future – laying the foundations for success

In 2019, Hafod commissioned Insight Wales Consulting to document its transformation journey and to put forward an objective view on how the organisation was developing, its future direction and the challenges it will face.

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Lookback at 2018

2018 marked an exciting time for Hafod. We celebrated our 50th anniversary and continued on our change journey to integrate our core services.

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Lookback at 2019

2019 was a big year for Hafod with us building 216 new homes, further embedding our Neighbourhood Coaches into our communities, expanding our support portfolio, highlighting the value of caring and much more

The importance of quality in the not-for-profit housing sector

In 2019 we featured in Quality World magazine, where we talked about the importance of quality in the not-for-profit housing sector.

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Interim Evaluation of the Nursing Care Assistant Programme: Brocastle

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current NursingCareAssistant Programme (NCAP) within Brocastle. The programme was introduced in late 2017 and is being implemented at two sites; Brocastle and Ty Penrhos. The evaluation focuses solely on Brocastle as the NCAP has yet to be fully implemented in Ty Penrhos.

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Our organisational profile

We regularly ask our colleagues to rate different statements on how well they describe Hafod. From this we can draw conclusions in the direction we’re heading and how we can improve.