Delighted care home resident after visit from famous singer!

Famous Irish singer, Daniel O’Donnell, visited a fan of his in our St. Isan Care Home in Cardiff recently after some great work by our staff.

St Isan resident, Alice, who is 92 years old has been a huge fan of Daniel for many years. She has previously been to several of his concerts, has a signed photo of him on her wall, a cushion with his face on and every year she receives a Daniel O’Donnell calendar from her family.

On his last visit to Cardiff Alice was due to attend the concert but due to ill health she was in hospital and missed the show, which led to her admission to St Isan.

When Daniel’s latest tour dates were released, staff at St Isan began thinking of how they could contact the singer to try and set up an opportunity for Alice to meet him. Luckily, one of the home’s activities coordinators had a connection which could potentially get in touch with Daniel’s team.

A few weeks later and things were looking promising as staff received the news that Daniel’s team were aware of Alice’s story and would do their best to visit her but they would only be able to give an hour’s notice.

St Isan Care Home Manager, Lynne Woodrow, said: “As you can imagine, staff who knew about the potential visit were waiting with bated breath until we received a phone call to confirm that Daniel would be at the care home within the hour.

“The icing on the cake was that Alice’s daughter, Linda, who was visiting that morning had tried to leave at 12pm until we told her who was coming to visit. After much disbelief, she was ecstatic and played along with the charade until he arrived!

“Daniel was the perfect gentleman, he made time to meet with all our residents and staff, who were also very surprised as we had kept it as quiet as possible! He sat and chatted with Alice, as you can imagine she was absolutely delighted and is still smiling days after!

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