Care home residents embrace interactive technology

Residents at our Cwmbran House Care Home were recently introduced to a new technological device called the OMi-Vista which provides fun and entertainment through interactive web games.

Home Manager, June Clark, said: “The projector system has games, music and social activities which work to engage the residents and get them motivated.”

The machine uses sensory activities which help to stimulate the minds of the residents and to also help them relax in the evening. This is particularly valuable at Cwmbran House which has a team of specially trained staff who care for people with dementia.

The device has been approved to give stimulation, concentration, physical and emotional improvements.

June went on to say: “When dementia residents use the machine, you forget that they have it. They become so involved in what they’re doing. It’s also good to see them remembering the activity and what they did.”

“They benefit from joining in with others and talking about the experience of using the machine after their session.

“The technology has been such a pleasure to the residents, as there are so many ways to use it.”

This is just one of many activities at Cwmbran House which has an activities organiser who arranges group and bespoke activities for the residents, which all aim to achieve greater stimulation and well-being.

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