Let’s CHAT

Welcome to your CHAT box

Your CHAT box is here to help all colleagues have regular conversations about their performance, development and behaviour.

We encourage a flexible approach to CHATs (Conversations Held Any Time). They can take place as often as you need and anywhere.

When you use CHAT, you only need to record the important information – but what is important is up to you. Either colleague or manager can lead a CHAT.

These questions have been put together to help colleagues with initiating chats and to help keep chats on track. The questions are only a guide and can be adapted to suit the situation or type of conversation taking place. To use the questions, just have a look through them and select the questions you feel are right for you.

The types of questions

Giving feedback on performance, behaviours and offering support with decisions.

Giving praise for achievements, doing things well or positive behaviours.

Discussing career ambitions and encouraging ownership of personal development.

When something isn’t right and needs further or formal support to improve.

General questions
For everything else.



 How can we better use your strengths?

You’ve got a lot on at the moment – what are you prioritising?

What can I do differently to make work better for you?

Do you think you’re on track with your objectives?

The quality of your work is good, but we need to chat about your behaviours

I’d like to see you do more of…/less of…

If you were in this situation again, what would you do differently?


How can I better use my strengths?

 How can I make sure I’m prioritising my work correctly?

Do you feel I’m on track with my objectives?

I’ve got a good idea to improve…?

 If I were to do this again, I would…?

I’m not feeling motivated in my role at themoment, can we have a CHAT about this?

 Can you give me some feedback on…?




You were brilliant because…?

I was really impressed with how you dealt with…?

I’ve received some positive feedback and I’d like to share it with you

Have you thought about sharing your…?

What have you done recently to help make lives better?

I’ve really enjoyed working with you on…?



I’d really like to tell you about some positive feedback I’ve received

I want to thank you for your support on…?

I’ve really enjoyed working on…?

I’ve helped to make lives better by…?

I really enjoyed working with… (colleague/service user) on…?

Tell me what you like about your job



How fulfilled do you feel in your role?

What are your career goals?

How can I help you to get the experience/knowledge to do this?

Have you considered a sideways move/secondment/shadowing/volunteering?

Who can I introduce you too, to help you achieve…?

How can I support you in your current role?

What development do you want or need?

I know you have recently attended…(training/conference); what steps are you going to take to put your new skills/knowledge into practice?


I’d really like to gain some experience in…

I want to work towards…

I’ve seen a role I’m really interested in; can we have a chat about it?

I’ve recently been on…course/training; can we have a chat about how I put these new skills/knowledge I learnt into practice?

I want to gain experience in this area; who can I speak to?

Can we put a plan together to discuss my development?




How can I support you to get back on track with…?

You don’t seem yourself right now; can we have a CHAT about it?

We need to talk about…

Looking back on… do you think your behaviour was professional?

You’ve lost your focus, I’m concerned about this and how this might impact the team

Since our last meeting you haven’t made much progress/improvement/haven’t wanted to CHAT with me – let’s discuss this


What can I do differently to get back on track?

 Can I speak to you about…?

I don’t feel the way you spoke to me on…was appropriate; can we have a CHAT about it?

 The work I’m doing isn’t stretching or challenging me at the moment – what can we do?

 The work I’m doing is overwhelming me at themoment; can you support me with this?

I don’t feel appreciated at the moment

General questions


How are you getting on with your…?

How happy do you feel about…?

What can I do differently to support you?

Can we discuss…?

How are things going at the moment?

How have things been since our last CHAT?

How have you found…?

How are you feeling on a scale of 1 to 10?


Can you tell me about…?

Is there anything I should be doing differently?

Can I ask for your support with…?

Can I discuss my plan for…?

How can I gain more experience in…?

How happy are you with things right now?

Can we discuss…?

How am I doing in general?