Community Calling campaign makes a big difference to Stephen’s life

Stephen has found it difficult living alone during lockdown, especially not being able to contact his friends or use the internet. He didn’t have a smartphone as he couldn’t afford the costs.

So when his neighbourhood coach Fatoma told him about the Community Calling initiative, he was excited about having a phone that would give him access to lots of the services he’d been missing out on.

Stephen was really happy when he got his smartphone and told us: “I can’t thank Hafod enough for helping me; it’s made a big difference to my life”.

The smartphone has been a real relief for Stephen as he’s now able to call the doctors and also talk to friends he hasn’t spoken to in years. He’s even learnt how to create voice recordings to send via text message as that’s how he feels most comfortable communicating. Stephen’s also able to send emails and apply for jobs, which has been a boost to his confidence.

This has all been possible thanks to the Community Calling campaign, our collaboration with Hubbub and O2 which supports those without access to the internet.

You can make a difference to someone’s life by donating your old smartphone to the campaign, or give a little to help a lot by donating the cost of one or two month’s top-up for the beneficiaries.

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