Community green fingers

In August 2020, after losing her job and struggling with her mental health, Amanda one of our customers led a community garden project and set up a vegetable garden for her block of flats.

After discussions with Fatoma, her Neighbourhood Housing Coach, about wanting to do something in her community, Amanda discussed the idea of a vegetable garden with her neighbours who agreed it would be beneficial to their community.

Fatoma and Lisa, her Income Coach, were able to provide funding for the project from their allocated coaching budgets, so Amanda began work on the garden. She chose a suitable location, sourced equipment online and identified neighbours to work with her on the project.

Thanks to Amanda’s enthusiasm for the project, by September 2020 the garden was set up for the community to use to grow herbs and vegetables. Whilst this project may seem small, it has made a big difference in their community. Amanda said it has brought them together and given them a common topic to discuss and connect over.

After the project was nominated for the 2020 TPAS awards, Pobl awarded Amanda £250 towards the project which she used to buy more gardening tools and seeds. She donated the remainder to Mind, the mental health charity.

The project also gave Amanda a boost of confidence and a sense of achievement which helped her manage her mental health. She felt it was her way of saying thank you and giving back to her community. Those involved have planted new herbs and vegetables for this year and are hoping to set up a gardening club so they can enjoy the garden together this summer.