Dream Big

We’re looking to help fund ideas from your community that will help bring your dreams to life and benefit your community.

Dream Big is your helping hand to do this, with up to £1,000 available in funding plus business, research and commercial support from us to help you succeed.

Your ideas matter, so whether you’re a budding hairdresser, baker, gardener or want to set up a community project, sports team or event in your area, we are here to help. Use the funding to hire a space, run research, buy equipment or whatever you need to make your dream a reality.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at these ideas from across the UK.

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Need inspiration?

Take a look at some examples of projects that started with a funding grant.

Kitty’s Laundrette

Kitty’s Laundrette is a community business run by local residents in Liverpool. All profits are reinvested back into the community, helping to make more good things happen from events to weekly activities. 

NuLife Furniture

NuLife Furniture was set up as a response to the amount of people who were being housed without any furniture. They take donations from the public, give them some tender love and care and sell them for extremely affordable prices.

In addition to this they also have volunteer opportunities available for people who would be considered marginalised or vulnerable with the aim of providing them with the skills and confidence to enter employment.

Sidney Street Community café and LGBT centre

Sidney Street Community café and LGBT centre was set up to be a safe local meeting space for the gay community in Manchester. They run cultural events, training courses, support groups and more.

Glamis Adventure Playground

The Glamis Adventure Playground is a not-for-profit venture that’s been set up to offer an adventurous, inclusive, fun and safe place for children in the Shadwell community.

It helps children who have working parents to have a place to go and as well as helping them to burn their energy it also acts as an educational resource by teaching them how to cook and eat healthily. 


The Urban Cupcakery

The Urban Cupcakery launched in 2016 after the owner lost five friends to suicide within one year. Their aim is to hold community events for young people with mental health issues and give people an opportunity to talk to others.