Here for homes

Together with 100 partner organisations, we have helped to develop Community Housing Cymru’s (CHC) Home manifesto which asks all political parties to put home at the centre of their plans, ahead of the forthcoming Senedd elections in May.

More than ever, the importance of homes and where we live has never been so prominent. We want everyone in Wales to have a good home and to live healthy, prosperous and connected lives.

Whilst highlighting some of the biggest challenges facing the sector, Home sets out a number of asks and commits to working side by side with the next Welsh Government.

The manifesto includes the following priorities:

  • £1.5bn to build 20,000 new homes
  • £4bn to increase energy efficiency
  • ending homelessness
  • digital connectivity in all homes

Watch the video below to find out more. Alternatively, you can read the manifesto in full or take a look at an overview of the key points here.

How important is a home to you? Help us raise awareness by using #HereForHomes on social media to share your support.