Your responsibilities

The covenants in your lease set out your rights and responsibilities. Some of your main responsibilities include:

  • To pay your ground rent, management charges, insurance premium and any other outgoings as set out in the terms of your lease
  • To adhere to the terms of your lease
  • To inform us of any changes to your mortgage company
  • To inform us when you sell or sublet the property
  • To make contributions towards the cost of maintenance, repair and improvement
  • To keep the flat in good repair
  • To pay all charges relating to the property
  • Keep all communal areas clear of belongings
  • Not to make any structural alterations or structural additions to the flat without first obtaining our written consent
  • To permit access to carry out repairs
  • Not to cause nuisance or annoyance to neighbours
  • Not to do anything illegal or anything else that may become a nuisance to other residents
  • To provide us with a copy of any notice affecting the flat
  • To repay the Right to Buy/Right to Acquire discount where applicable

Our responsibilities

The covenants in your lease set out our responsibilities. Some of our main responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and repair the main structure of the building and exterior of your home
  • Maintain the communal parts of the building
  • Consult you about any extensive works
  • Insure the building, for which you are required to pay your contribution
  • Provide you with an annual statement about your service charges

Please note that the above information does not cover all rights and responsibilities and you must always refer to your lease.