You may not have to ask our permission to sublet your property (you will need to check your lease) but you must let us know. You should contact our Home Ownership team as subletting may affect your buildings insurance. We will also need to know how to address any correspondence in relation to your property and where to send your service charge bills.

You will remain responsible for payment of your ground rent, insurance and service charges even if you are not occupying the property. Therefore, you will need to give us details of your new address.

If you want to rent your home you will also need to consider the following:-

  • You may need to obtain the consent of your bank or building society, as it may be a condition of your mortgage that you live in the property
  • You will need to register as a landlord with Rent Smart Wales
  • You should seek advice from your home contents insurers
  • You are responsible for your sub-tenant. We will contact you if there are any problems that arise from their behaviour
  • You should inform the Council Tax department at the council that you are letting the property to someone else as well as the Housing Benefit section (if appropriate)