Site services

Window cleaning

We provide a window cleaning service to flats where residents have opted to have this. We work in partnership with a local window cleaning company (currently Barry Building Services) to make sure the best quality service is provided. Please note – the window cleaners are not responsible for internal window cleaning.

Cleaning service

We employ our own cleaners to clean the communal walkways, corridors and stairways of blocks of flats. Our cleaners wear Hafod uniforms and drive Hafod vans. As well as cleaning, they are always on the look-out for repairs needed in communal areas, dumped rubbish and signs of any other problems.

Grounds maintenance

We provide a grounds maintenance service to all our sites with communal grassed and planted areas. We work in partnership with a grounds maintenance company (currently Ground Control UK) to make sure the service is the best possible quality.

Help reduce service charges

Please help keep your site tidy and clear of bulky waste by correctly disposing of it. To see how your local authority can help you to do this please visit: