Life-like pets bring a smile to Ty Gwyn residents

Our residents at Ty Gwyn Care Home in Cwmbran were overwhelmed with joy after the introduction of Companion Pets to the home.

The life-like cuddly pets that respond to human interaction is the initiative of Ageless Innovation, which aims to provide the best play experiences for all generations and at different stages of life. The pets have been designed to bring meaningful comfort, companionship and fun to those who become their ‘owners’.

Ty Gwyn’s Activities Coordinator, Rachel Mann, spent time researching about the pets as they are being championed by the Alzheimer’s Society. Having seen the benefits of the animals and the suitability for the residents, they were very kindly donated to the home by Rachel and her husband Simon.

Rachel Mann, who is responsible for activities across the home, said: “It was so wonderful to see the instant connection between the residents and their new pets. The animals have various sensors in the head and body areas which allow them to move and respond naturally with barks and meows when being spoken to.

“When they are stroked they purr and whimper and you can feel their hearts beating. The cat lifts its paw to stroke its face and rolls over to have its belly stroked.”

To find out more or to arrange a visit please call the home on 01633 838697 or click here.