Alex thrives with neighbourhood coach support

In 2018 we transformed the way we work with customers who live in our homes. We introduced a neighbourhood coaching model which aims to build relationships and trust with our residents instead of only interacting with them when there’s an issue.

This allows customers to approach us before they reach a crisis point and enables us to work with them on all areas affecting tenancy sustainability including health, support, finance, education and much more.

One of our neighbourhood coaches, Gemma has worked closely with resident, Alex and has helped him move into a brand new home at our new development in Bridgend.

Alex told us: “I’ve not been this happy my whole life. I’m sleeping better, I look better, I’m eating better and now I’m aspiring to do more things. A special thanks to Gemma, Hannah and Kirsty my neighbourhood coaches.”

The coaching model has also enabled us to look at barriers such as low confidence when it comes to achieving things such as employment. Once we discover these barriers we can introduce ways to help customers achieve their goals, whether that’s through courses or training, for example.

By working with customers in this way, we are able to encourage them to value and perceive themselves as assets in their community. Where there are any needs for support or help, we encourage residents to own their own solutions so that we know their desired outcome and can ensure that we offer a person-centred service.

Gemma, Neighbourhood Housing Coach said: “I am so pleased to hear how well and settled Alex is now. I can just tell through phone calls how happy he is and the difference his new home has made. He says his mental health has improved, he’s now able to get out of bed in the morning and he’s made friends.”

Watch Alex’s story below. To find out more about having a home with Hafod, click here.