Neighbours have been helping each other for a decade

We’re proud of our local tight-knit communities, with tenants going out of their way to support their neighbours.

Joyce has been our tenant for 32 years and Amanda for 10 years in our Llys Tripp neighbourhood in Cardiff. Over that time, they have been looking out for each other, helping with day-to-day life as well as emotional support.

When Amanda lost her daughter in 2013 and became depressed, Joyce was there to support her, becoming a mother figure to her.

Amanda told us: “Joyce is like my second mother. A year after I moved here, I lost my daughter and Joyce looked after me and made sure I was ok.”

Joyce has also appreciated Amanda’s help: “She brings me different meals every day. She makes sure I take my tablets and kicks everyone out when teatime comes!”

Vance, who lives nearby, has always been happy to lend a hand as well if Joyce needs some shopping or help with DIY. Another neighbour Sian also helps out, often cutting Joyce’s hair.

Lisa Lee, our Neighbourhood Housing Coach, said: “For me, the story is so inspiring. It goes to show there are really nice people out there who look out for you whether you are family or not. The community spirit is lovely.”