New bike shed makes a wheelie big difference!

In December 2020, after customers raised concerns that they were unable to store their bikes safely and securely outside their home, a bike shed with a stand for four bikes was installed at one of our block of flats in Cardiff.

The lack of facilities for bike storage raised by customers and our Estates team was addressed in site meetings, which were beneficial to customers who were given the opportunity to have their voices heard. The need for a bike shed and a suitable location for it were agreed and the funding to purchase the bike shed came from our Neighbourhood Coach community budget.

The bike shed was particularly welcome for one of our customers, who had been cycling regularly after giving up smoking due to its negative impact on her health. Cycling had been helping her to keep active and distract her since quitting. She now regularly uses the bike rack and is grateful and pleased that it was installed for the community to use.

Whilst the installation of a bike shed may seem small, it has made a big difference to this local community. Our Neighbourhood Housing Coach Fatoma told us that the bike shed is still being used regularly by our customers, three of which frequently use their bikes as a form of exercise and to help with their mental health. They now have somewhere safe and secure to store their bikes.