Old fashioned values

This story came from our community newspaper. Click here to read the full newspaper.

Hello I’m Sylvia, a Hafod customer like yourself probably. Throughout my life I was always taught and I have always believed in old fashioned values, for example: saying please and thank you, holding doors open for people and not dropping litter. It does not take much effort to do any of these things.

I have noticed as I grow older that people don’t seem to value these ideas anymore. It is such a shame to see communities strewn with litter, carelessly tossed to the ground. During my childhood in the late sixties, attending primary school, I remember well a campaign that had been promoted through the government called ‘Keep Britain Tidy’.

Once supported by the government but today a charity, their beliefs then and now still, were simple; keep Britain tidy by eliminating litter, ending waste and improving areas in our environment.

Obviously, a lot of the reasoning behind this was to enable communities to reside in pleasant, clean areas that you can be proud to call home. Sadly, everywhere I go these days, including where I live now, there always seems to be a big litter problem.

If we could come together within our communities, we could make a difference by arranging organised community litter picks, or where possible, we could help coordinate and organise them. Think how much nicer our areas would be to live in.

I vote that Christmas gifts this year should include litter pickers, disposable gloves and bin liners, – let’s make this a trend. Anyway, rant over, I think it would be lovely, what with climate change having such dramatic negative effects on our world more than ever now, that if we all made a little effort to stop polluting it, it may breathe more easily again one day. We only have one earth so let’s keep it all tidy.

For anybody that wishes to find out more about ‘Keep Britain Tidy’, you can do so by visiting: keepbritaintidy.org