Omar joins Tai Pawb’s Board of Trustees

Omar Idris, our Research and Innovation Lead, has recently been co-opted onto the board of trustees at Tai Pawb.

Tai Pawb is a valued membership organisation serving the housing sector, proactively providing leadership and services to promote equality, diversity and social justice in housing across Wales.

Omar is extremely passionate about their vision and explains in his own words what this opportunity means to him.

“I believe that everybody, regardless of who you are, deserves an equal right and access to what’s needed to succeed, whether that’s housing, employment opportunities, or along any touchpoint in life.

“I’m extremely excited to be a part of Tai Pawb’s board of trustees. My aim is to help provide support and guidance around embedding innovation and design thinking to the problems and challenges the organisation, and their partners face.

“Society is at a turning point in the journey towards a more equitable world. The past few months have really shone a light on the deep-rooted and systemic inequalities that have always existed in communities, public bodies, access to services, businesses and governments, and across every global touchpoint.

“Things need to change. I hope that through our combined expertise I can help Tai Pawb drive towards creating and promoting equality in housing and help our partners and members on their learning journey.

“A few things I’m hopeful of are how to best use data, insight and problem definition as a way of influencing for equality, as well as, getting a broader look at equality, diversity and inclusion opportunities and challenges that can help drive organisations like Hafod forward.”

Congratulations Omar and good luck!