Tenants come together to grow their own!

Tenants in Cardiff have joined together to create a communal garden project and set up a vegetable patch. They’re currently growing broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, runner beans and courgettes.

They wanted to start growing vegetables as a way of bringing the community together, and for the pleasure of growing their own crops. Anne, one of our tenants, has particularly appreciated the patch, saying how watering the vegetables has helped with her well-being whilst she has been shielding.

Funding for the planter and compost came from our Neighbourhood Coach community budget, and colleagues from our Property Services team built the planter.

Having a dedicated space to grow things and learn from each other has been beneficial. Tenants have formed new friendships and people are now spending more time socialising. They’ve also been able to save money as they can eat their own crops rather than buying them from the shop.

This project has made such a positive difference to this local community. Those involved hope to expand the patch in the long-term and encourage others to use it too.

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