Supported housing FAQs

Please read through our FAQs below that may be able to answer any questions you may have about your tenancy during the current Covid-19 pandemic.


How will I receive my floating support?

If you live in supported accommodation your support workers will continue to provide support within your home and may speak to you to discuss whether some support will be provided by telephone. Within your home we will need to follow government guidelines regarding social distancing and cleaning to keep you and your support workers safe.

Your support worker may provide a mix of face to face home visits, phone calls and video calls depending on your preferences and the current Covid guidelines.

My support is due to end but we haven't been able to meet my needs, as I've been self isolating.

If your support is due to come to an end, your support can be extended. In the meantime support will carry on via the telephone or email, until all support needs are met.

What if my support worker is off work ill?

Another team member will be available to support you.

What if telephone support is not enough and I need to see someone?

We will follow the latest government guidelines regarding social distancing and will discuss these options with you if the need arises.

What if I haven't got access to a telephone or internet?

Your support worker will look at ways to provide you with a telephone device.

I'm self isolating as I'm at risk, I have no one to do my food shopping and I need essential items, can my support worker do this?

Yes, your support worker can help you to look at different options and agencies that are within your community, to ensure you keep safe and well.


I'm worried/lonely, is there anyone I can talk to?

Yes, please speak to your support worker who will listen and talk through your worries, and look at other agencies who may offer you help.


Is there anyone I can contact after 6pm or on the weekends?

If you discuss this with your support worker they can advise you of systems in place or pass on contact details for all relevant agencies that provide this service.

I'm confused about the government advice. Can someone help me understand as I'm unsure if I'm at risk or should be self isolating?

There is much confusion around advice that is given , please speak to your support worker who can help you follow the latest government guidelines or seek medical advice.

Can I volunteer?

There are numerous volunteer services that are within the community, please discuss with your support worker who can advise you of what’s available.