Supporting the well-being of our customers

One of our Neighbourhood Coaches, Amy, has been working closely with one of our customers and former Hafod Care colleague, Mrs Marsh, since the first lockdown in March 2020. 

Amy identified that Mrs Marsh was going through an extremely hard time following the lockdown; she was experiencing a period of bereavement for her child, her physical and mental health had deteriorated and she felt isolated in her own home. Amy helped by arranging adaptations to be made to Mrs Marsh’s home to enable her to be more mobile and also arranged financial, mental and physical support.  

Amy, Neighbourhood Coach, said: “Mrs Marsh is one of the bravest and strongest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the first phone call listening to the mixture of emotions and just simply needing someone to talk to I knew I was not ending my day without making sure Mrs Marsh was going to be okay.” 

Mrs Marsh told us: “Amy spoke to me about downsizing for my health but I’m so attached to the property because of my daughter and feel I would be leaving her behind. She was really reassuring and understanding and gave me that time to think about it and made me feel ready to move to a ground floor property, bungalow or sheltered accommodation for my health and future.” 

Mrs Marsh had a strong attachment to her home and living there made her feel connected to her daughter, which helped her manage her grief and improved her well-being. As she had a strong desire to stay in her home, our in-house maintenance department arranged for the instillation of an accessible shower and other adaptations needed to help improve her mobility. Cardiff Council Adults Services were also involved to provide her with an extendable table and foot stool, as well as look into lowering her work tops to help her while cooking. 

Martin, one of our income coaches, offered Mrs Marsh financial support and she was referred to our Smart money team. Amy supported Mrs Marsh in contacting her GP to arrange a medication review and arranged for a two week food supply to be delivered the same day from our in-house foodbank. Our Cardiff Floating Support Team also contacted Mrs Marsh and supported her with her mental and physical health, including grievance counselling. 

Mrs Marsh told us: “I feel my depression is getting better. Previously, I didn’t want a support worker as I was a support worker before and felt embarrassed, but after speaking with Amy and Martin I felt like it was okay not to be okay.”  

Martin, Income Coach, said: “When visiting Mrs Marsh to drop off her food parcel, I was able to have a quick chat with her about her finances. I explained that I can look over her account and check she is paying the correct amount for her circumstances. She was very grateful and immediately felt happier and could see things were going to get better.” 

Amy and Martin consulted with Mrs Marsh every step of the way and checked in with her regularly. Over time, they established a strong relationship and had conversations about how she felt, how her day was going and what she had been cooking that day. Their joint approach across both teams ensured nothing slipped through the gaps. 

By working with customers in this way, we are able to support their needs and offer them help when needed. We encourage our residents to own their solutions to ensure we offer a person-centred service and work towards their desired outcome. 

This is one of the many stories shared by our colleagues for the 2020 TPAS Cymru awards which focused on recognising achievements and sharing good practice during Covid-19. 

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