The importance of testing

One of our care assistants, Kelly Lixton, shares an important message with the public as she says: “Please get tested because you could be passing it on to anyone”.

Kelly appeared on ITV Wales news on Tuesday 26 May talking about her experience of being tested for Covid-19 and how important it is for others to get tested if they have any of the associated symptoms.

Last month, Kelly started feeling unwell with symptoms including a loss of taste and smell, bad headaches and was really sleepy. Following Public Health Wales guidance and our own internal procedures, Kelly spoke to her manager to explain how she was feeling and was immediately referred for a test at a local test centre.

Speaking about her experience, Kelly told us: “I received a phone call and was invited for a test the same day. I then received the results 2 days later which confirmed I had a Covid-19 infection.”

As a care assistant, Kelly is very aware of the risks of spreading the virus especially in her role where she works with older people. Added to this, her partner is recovering from a stroke so she was concerned for his health too.

Being able to have the test to confirm whether not someone has Covid-19 can make a big difference. Knowing that she had the virus meant Kelly was in no doubt that she needed to self-isolate. This gave Kelly time to recover while also protecting family members, colleagues and those she cares for. She said: “If I hadn’t have been tested for it, things could have been a lot worse.”

Kelly was able to return to work confident that she wasn’t spreading the virus to others.

Read here for the latest Welsh Government information about applying for a coronavirus test. You can find out more about our care homes here.