TPAS finalists: Putting our customers at the heart of Support recruitment

We’re excited to share that we have been shortlisted in the National TPAS Cymru Good Practice Awards! Not only that, we’ve got two entries in the ‘involving tenants in shaping services’ category.

Let us tell you a little bit more about our first entry; a fantastic project where customers take part in helping to recruit our Support colleagues.

Our Support team launched a project to involve customers in recruitment and selection processes in our Support Services, with the aim of them having an influence on the colleagues we recruit and, in turn, the services we provide.

Our HR colleagues helped develop a process whereby recruiting managers complete stage one interviews and customers complete stage two interviews.

Prior to the interviews, our customers have access to a suite of training and helpful resources we developed for them to refer to. We now have a regular pool of customers in our Customer Recruitment Group who are actively involved in our recruitment, and are really happy that our customers have the final say on all appointments. It has also been a fantastic opportunity for them to gain valuable skills, meet new people and have their voices heard.

A young person from one of our homelessness projects said: “I found the experience fun and the answers are really interesting. I helped create the interview questions, which linked to day-to-day life as a young person living here.”

They also told us that the experience of interviewing support workers will help them with their goal of becoming a youth worker.

We’re planning to review the success of the project and look to roll it out in other parts of the business.

Now we’re keeping everything crossed for the awards event in July!