TPAS Awards

The 2020 TPAS Cymru awards focused on recognising achievements & sharing good practice during Covid-19.

Colleagues from our Housing, Income, Engagement and Estates teams submitted stories of how they have worked with our customers during Covid.

Unfortunately we didn’t win any awards this time. There were 50 submissions, with 12 awards, so was going to be a close call. But it was a fantastic opportunity to share our work with a wider audience and some were lucky enough to receive financial support to help grow the projects

Gateholm Community Project

Support to enhance a community led project was offered to the customers of Gateholm Close following the birth of the Gateholm Gazette. An idea that came from the COVID19 crisis which is a customer led initiative that allows the communities to support one another.

Neighbourhood Coach Tom Jackson provided support following the news of the community led project by meeting with the lead customer who was organising the events to see how we could help and support them.

Community Green Fingers

Amanda wanted to do something in her community and needed a way to keep her active.  After chatting with a few of her neighbours, it was agreed that they would all benefit from a community herb/vegetable garden.

Amanda’s Neighbourhood Coaches Lisa Lee and Fatoma Yarwood were on hand to give guidance, support and financial help to get the project started.

Gateholm Gazette

Throughout the Covid crisis one of our customers (Ben) led a community project by creating a ‘Gateholm lock down Gazette’ to keep everyone in the community connected with one and another.

He also used this Gazette to communicate street events that he was organising to provide a safe social gathering for all those who are isolated due to the Covid pandemic, and to bring the community together.

Amanda is Dreaming Big!

Amanda has been living in one of our homes for many years. When she fell into rent arrears 2 years ago, her Neighbourhood Coach Lisa Lee got in touch. At the start of this journey, Lisa built a trusting relationship with Amanda and soon learnt of Amanda’s vulnerability and her mental health issues.

Before lockdown, Hafod launched an in-house Project called the ‘Dream Big’, which aims to help customers set up their own business, including help with finances and business plans. Lisa quickly got in touch with Amanda who then excitedly talked about her business idea to do manicures for people in hospital, care homes and hostels

Nothing is ever too much for our customers

Following the first lockdown of the coronavirus Hafod’s Neighbourhood Coaching team identified the need to check in with our vulnerable customers this included customers over the age of 50, physically disabled, single residents and residents who are currently vulnerable with their mental health and wellbeing.

This enabled Neighbourhood Coaches Amy Jones and Martin Webb me to identify a customer who is going through an extremely hard time due to experiencing bereavement with their child. Her physical health has deteriorated and she feels isolated in her own home and community.

Tegfan cycling project

Tegfan is a block of 12 flats for age 50+ customers based in Cardiff.

Customers regularly stored bicycles in the communal electric meter shed, which was a Health & Safety risk/hazard and were frequently being asked by the estates officer, to remove them.

This was brought to the attention of their neighbourhood coach Fatoma Yarwood as the customers had nowhere to store their bikes and they were unable to physically carry their bikes up the stairs to their flats, which were either on 1st or 2nd floor.

Customers have previously used bicycles to travel around Cardiff but during the crisis this increased and was seen as a life line as they found using public transport difficult.

Walk in your community

Walk in your community is a great opportunity for customers and colleagues to work together to make a difference/suggest improvements within our communities.

Initially the project was designed to enable customers and colleagues to walk in the community together to identify issues and jointly discuss solutions, but due to Covid restrictions Dan Evans (Estates team) and Michelle McGregor (Engagement team) decided to experiment delivering “Walk in your community” on line in a way that customers could still be involved.

Scrutiny Panel goes digital

The scrutiny panel consists of five customers, two colleagues and one board member who act as the link between scrutiny and board supporting putting the customers at the heart of what we do.

During lockdown members were supported by Corinna Mantle and Michelle McGregor from our Engagement Team to move to online meetings, where they  played a vital part in ensuring we communicate with our wider customers effectively to suit both our customers needs and our business requirements. 

They have endorsed and influenced communication to our customers during covid times to ensure customers and their families (Care homes) are aware of how they can connect with us digitally to get the most up to date information.