Well-deserved praise for our Sycamore Service team

Our Sycamore Service recently received a lovely and deserving compliment from an occupational therapist (OT) whose patients receive support in the Bridgend community from our dedicated support workers.

The OT told us that she feels reassured when she makes a referral to our service knowing that our team will do their utmost for her patients to improve their quality of life. Her patients often have physical health problems and our team have helped them claim the appropriate benefits, supported them to receive vital adaptations to their homes or helped them to move into more appropriate accommodation as well as making referrals to other services such as for meal provision and cleaners so people can remain in their own homes.

She went on to say: “In the last few months several patients have told me how their lives are starting to change for the better with your service input. Only yesterday, one gentleman told me “at last my life is on the up”.

“Please don’t stop what you are doing as you are getting it so right with my patient group. I speak of your service in high regard when discussing patients with other team members.”

Our Sycamore Service operates throughout Bridgend County Borough and aims to support people over 55 to remain living independently for as long as possible. We provide free housing related support to anyone, regardless of where they live or who owns their home. Support is provided to promote independence and is provided at a time and in a manner that suits the individual.

The support can include:

  • Managing money and debts
  • Making sure you get the benefits you are entitled to and maximising your income
  • Managing your health and wellbeing
  • Talking to your landlord and other agencies
  • Dealing with tenancy issues or concerns
  • Applying for a house, moving home or resettling
  • Accessing education, training, volunteering or employment
  • Dealing with letters, completing forms and paying bills
  • Assistance with daily living tasks to remain independent
  • Accessing and acquiring new skills such as using the computer or internet
  • Building Confidence to be involved in your community
  • Enabling you to feel safe and able to live in your own home.

To find out more call 0800 024 8968.