What does good old age look like? Help us find out!

image credit: freepikAre you aged 25–40? We want to hear from you!


We’re looking for individuals to help us in our Reimagining Old Age research by taking part in a one hour workshop


What will I have to do? 

The workshop will be online via Teams so you’ll need internet access and ideally a laptop or computer to take part. We’ll use an online tool called Miro to run the workshop and will connect with everything via video call through Teams.

We’ll be running a series of tasks with you, helping us answer what good old age looks like, what you think of care services and what care services in the future might look like. 


When is the workshop? 

We’re running two workshops:

  • 18th May at 5pm
  • 20th May at 5pm

You can select your preferred workshop time when you sign up. 


What do I get in return? 

We’ll be giving all participants who attend the workshop a £50 one4all gift card which can be used across a number of different stores. 


How do I sign up? 

To sign up, please click here. Spaces are limited and we will be in touch if you’ve been selected. We’ll ask you a couple of screening questions. 


How will you use my data? 

We won’t be asking any personal, identifiable information in the workshop and information you do provide us will be anonymised when analysed. We’ll use the data to shape future research and innovation projects 

You can find out more about how we will use your data in the information sheet, workshop privacy statement or view our Hafod Privacy Statement. 


Sign up to the workshop here! – sign ups are now closed



Image credit: freepik.com