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To help you with the impact of the rising cost-of-living, we’ve pulled together information and guidance on what’s available to support you.

Assortment of food from the supermarket

Food banks

If you need food supplies and are struggling to afford food for yourself or your family, you can request a voucher to use at a food bank by contacting our Financial Well-being team who will also be able to refer you for additional support if you are eligible.

Please let us know if you are unable to get to a foodbank and need help picking up the supplies.

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Energy bill advice

Are you struggling to pay your energy bills? No doubt that you have been impacted in the rise in energy prices over the past two years.

If you are finding this difficult to manage, you can receive free and impartial advice on how you can keep warm and save money from Energy Saving Trust and Warm Wales. You can also speak to our Financial Well-being team for advice.

Your energy supplier can help if you are having difficulties with your gas and electric bills.

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National Databank

The National Databank helps thousands of vulnerable people in communities across the UK and provides free mobile internet data, texts and calls for people who need it. Think of it like a ‘food bank’ but for internet connectivity data.

We've been successful in an application to the databank and have been awarded mobile phone sim cards to support customers and colleagues.

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The Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF) 

DAF is a grant that can be used to help with essential costs following an emergency or if you are in extreme financial hardship.

The grant can be used to help you cover the cost of food, gas and electricity, clothing and emergency travel as well as being used to purchase a cooker, washing machine or fridge/freezer in the event that they can no longer be used.

Please note that there is eligibility criteria that you must meet and you are not guaranteed to be awarded the grant. If you are unsure please contact our Financial Well-being and Income team.

Two ladies sat at a computer chatting

Debt support and advice

For information, advice and debt solutions, we recommend you contact Citizens Advice or StepChange who will be able to support you while you deal with your debt problems for as long as you need them.

Citizens Advice
Debt helpline: 0800 240 4420
Talk online about a debt problem using chat
Visit the Citizens Advice website

Call: 0800 138 1111
Online debt advice service
Visit the StepChange website

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Are you claiming the right benefits?

You can check your benefit entitlement by carrying out a benefit check using Entitledto or Turn2Us.

It’s really important that you are claiming what you are entitled to. We also recommend you ensure you know what your budget is. If you would like some help completing a budget please contact our Financial Well-being team.

What have we done to help?

A recent question of the month asked customers whether you feel your rent is value for money, and how affordable it is:

  • 47 responses have been made via calls to Customer Services, Coaching conversations and social media polls
  • 33 responded that their rent provides value for money
  • 25 responded stated ‘no problem’ when asked whether they felt their rent was affordable to them, 15 stated it was a ‘small problem’, and no respondents stated affordability was a ‘big problem’ or ‘impossible’


What support are we provding to customers to assist with the impact of the rising cost of living?

Our cost of living taskforce has undertaken an extensive programme of work to engage with you about your concerns around the cost of living. Work undertaken includes:

  • Publishing a cost of living newsletter
  • Improving access to our internal Financial Inclusion Fund
  • Income maximisation (accessing benefits and payments for customers)
  • Running a festive gift drive, as well as supporting food banks, fuel banks and household goods initiatives
  • Issuing food hampers and winter warm packs to targeted households

A continued priority for 2024 is to focus upon financial inclusion and well-being, working with our customers and partners to find positive solutions.

Do you have any ideas about how we could assist you? Is there anything that you would like to do in your community? Please let us know by emailing income.coach@hafod.org.uk