Why is the law changing and what difference will Renting Homes make to me?

The new law will give more protection to tenants and makes clearer their rights and responsibilities.

Changes will include:

  • Landlords have to give tenants a written contract setting out all of their rights and responsibilities, and those of the landlord
  • Doubling the notice period for a rent increase from one month to two months
  • Longer notice periods (for new contracts issued from 1 December) before landlords can regain possession (as long as the tenant is paying their rent and haven’t done anything wrong)

These are just a few examples and more information can be found in the Welsh Government’s tenant guidance document and the easy read version.


Will I still be a tenant under Renting Homes?

Yes. You will still be a tenant under Renting Homes. However, the Act refers to tenants as ‘contract holders’. Your tenancy agreement will be known as an occupation contract.