End digital poverty day

In our digital age, it's crucial to remember that not everyone enjoys equal access to the online world.

At Hafod, we’re making plans to better understand how digital poverty impacts our customers. Our Digital Adoption and Skills Lead, and Customer Engagement Officer have been working together to help achieve this. We’re pleased to announce that our application for the National Databank was successful, and we’ll be sharing more about this soon. In the meantime, we’re busy planning how we can support our customers and help end digital poverty.  

End Digital Poverty Day reminds us of the harsh reality faced by millions without reliable internet and access to technology.  

This blog post, written by Danielle, our Digital Adoption and Skills Lead, and Michelle, our Customer Engagement Officer, delves into why End Digital Poverty Day is essential.  

Understanding data poverty  

Digital poverty isn't just about having an internet connection; it's affordable access to digital tools such as smartphones. It affects marginalized groups, worsening inequalities.  

The Digital Divide: A complex challenge  

The digital divide includes:  

- Internet Access: Some lack basic connectivity  

- Digital Literacy: Many struggle to use digital tools 

- Device Access: Some can't afford the right equipment 

- Infrastructure: Poor infrastructure limits access even where internet is available 

Education: Equal learning opportunities:  

Education is pivotal, and online learning has opened up new possibilities. However, digital poverty keeps some students from accessing e-learning.  

Healthcare: Equitable access to health information:  

In the digital healthcare era, access to medical info and health apps is crucial. Digital poverty limits access to health resources, affecting care quality.  

Economic Opportunities: Empowering financial independence:  

Online work and entrepreneurship offer new opportunities, but data poverty restricts access. Bridging the digital divide isn't just about connectivity—it's about financial independence.  

Bridging for an equitable society:  

The digital divide is a social justice issue. End Digital Poverty Day calls for action. By dismantling digital access barriers, we can build a more inclusive, equitable society. Join us in closing the digital divide and empowering millions.  

Published: Tuesday, 12th September 2023