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Mystery Shoppers feedback - October 2023

Trained customers carried out a mystery shopping exercise by listening to calls made to our customer services team. The aim of these exercises is to make sure our services are delivered equally by everyone and to identify training needs within our team. Five mystery shoppers took part in October and gave the below feedback.

What's going well?

  • 91% felt we were professional, friendly, helpful and polite
  • 91% were happy with our identity checks
  • 74% were happy customers understood what's next
  • 80% were happy with the overall experience

What do we need to work on?

  • 77% felt we needed to improve on our enhanced identity checks
  • 100% felt we needed to promote the self service options more
  • 42% felt we needed to improve on explaining time-scales
  • 86% felt we needed to ask if we could help with anything else
  • 31% felt we needed to improve on avoiding long silences

How customers have influenced our process

As a result of the mystery shopper feedback, we have introduced key performance Indicators to help us monitor our services, these include: 

  • Team leader listening to three calls per colleague per month to ensure consistency of service and help identify any areas for training
  • Promoting the Self service options will be an agenda item at all team meetings 
  • Importance of identity checks will be an agenda item at the next meeting

Our Customer Experience Manager would like the following to be taken into consideration: At the time of the recorded calls (June/July 2023) the team were experiencing technical issues with the phone systems, resulting in long silences and extended times in accessing customers' accounts. 

If you would like to be a Hafod Mystery Shopper, please email to find out more.

Published: Tuesday, 24th October 2023