Kitchen at Morgan's Meadow property

Our planned kitchen options have been updated thanks to feedback from our Scrutiny Panel.

Our Scrutiny Panel is made up of customer volunteers, colleagues and Board members who help us make decisions, review the way we work and represent our customers' voice. Each meeting they invite a guest speaker to discuss a different topic.  


September's meeting update

Sarah Hancock, our Head of Asset Management, attended to discuss Hafod's planned kitchen, bathroom, and external door programme. 

You said: During discussions about the kitchen programme and options available to customers, a scrutiny panel member raised concerns about having only one kitchen sink. They suggested that customers should have the option of having a sink and a half to improve functionality. 

We did: Sarah Hancock engaged our kitchen contractor, Howdens, to explore the feasibility of providing a sink and a half option. This is now available to customers who wish to have a sink and a half. The additional cost, estimated at approximately £15, will be covered under a budgetary underspend, ensuring that this valuable enhancement is cost-neutral for our customers. 

You said: Another scrutiny panel member expressed their satisfaction with being able to choose their own external door colour. They shared their excitement about finally having a red door and conveyed their appreciation to Hafod. 


Previously customers had commented they would like more choice in their planned works designs, for example external door colour. 

We did: We are pleased to report this is now an option for all customers receiving planned works. 

Customer Comment: "I've always wanted a red door and finally have one, thank you Hafod!" 

This positive feedback from the panel member indicates that our approach to customisation and choice in the door selection process is well-received by our customers. It reinforces our commitment to providing options that enhance customer satisfaction and promote a sense of personalisation in our services. 


The feedback and suggestions received during the scrutiny panel meeting are valued and have resulted in practical improvements to our kitchen programme. By offering the sink and a half option and receiving favourable feedback about door colour choices, we continue to adapt our services to better meet the needs and desires of our customers. 

If you would like to find out more about the Scrutiny Panel, please email to chat with our Customer Engagement Officer.

Published: Wednesday, 25th October 2023