Man using a laptop with a warning sign

Top tips from our Money Advisor on how to stay safe from scams

Don't respond to any unexpected calls, emails, or texts, without checking first. If it's out of the blue, check it's for you:

  • If it's a call, hang up, find a number you can trust, and call back on that
  • If it's your bank, you can call back using the number on the back of your card
  • If you're concerned, dial 159 to be connected securely to most UK banks

Stop and get a second opinion if you're being forced to make a decision, or if you feel rushed:

  • No legitimate organisation will object to you asking a friend, family member, or colleague for an opinion. Nor will it object to you saying no, or delaying your decision

Report every scam, even if it didn't work on you, to help others:

  • Forward suspicious texts to 7726, and emails to
  • Report fraud directly to companies involved, so they can alert other customers


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Published: Tuesday, 31st October 2023