Two ladies sat at a computer chatting

Our Scrutiny Panel are busy planning their 2024 meetings and would like to ask you a question!

Customers examining our services 
Our Scrutiny Panel is made up of customer volunteers, colleagues and board members. They meet online quarterly, where they examine a topic to ensure that our customer's voice has been incorporated into shaping or changing our services. They are also able to give their recommendations from a customer perspective.

In 2023 they discussed:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Planned maintenance (new kitchens, bathrooms, doors) 
  • Our website
  • Communication 
  • Engagement updates and opportunities

What would you like the panel to discuss in 2024? 
Click the link to share your thoughts and ideas with us , you can do this anonymously.

If you are interested in joining the Scrutiny Panel, please contact Michelle McGregor via email at to arrange a chat. 

Published: Wednesday, 20th December 2023