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Scrutiny Panel select their topics to examine in 2024!

Our Scrutiny Panel members recently met to decide what topics they would examine at their quarterly meetings.    Thank you to everyone who also sent in their suggestions, they have been incorporated into the meeting schedule. 

The panel will discuss two topics per meeting and invite relevant guest speakers to answer any questions.   If you would like to attend the online meetings, please email getinvolved@hafod.org.uk for our Customer Engagement Officer to get in touch.

2024 topics are:

Thursday 7 March (online 12-1:30pm)

  • Service Charge (Value for Money) - how we consult with customers on changes to keep costs as low as possible without reducing quality of service.
  • Complaints - what are the common themes and how are we learning from them?

Thursday 6 June (online 12-1:30pm)

  • Development - how is the customer voice included?
  • Maintenance - repairs and satisfaction

Thursday 5 September (online 12-1:30pm)

  • Rubbish and recycling - what are we doing to communicate to customers their responsibilities?
  • STAR 2024 survey results - what are our customers saying and what actions have we put in place?

Thursday 7 November (online 12-1:30pm)

  • Communication - are we getting it right and are we learning from previous feedback?
  • Performance - what are our stats telling us?

Published: Monday, 22nd January 2024