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Question of the Month aims to gain valuable customer insights by posing essential hot topic questions to our customers.

This initiative enables us to make informed decisions, particularly when contemplating changes that directly impact our customers. Currently, customer opinions are gathered through various channels including calls to our customer services team, face-to-face interactions, and social media engagement.

Valuable feedback from colleagues on the process has driven a review to improve the process for colleagues and customers. 


What’s changed!  

  1. Method of Collection: Customers will be randomly selected to receive an email containing the monthly question, it will be their choice if they choose to complete the survey. Also, they can respond via our website or social media engagement through a survey link provided.  
  2. Anonymity Option: Recognising the importance of anonymity in fostering honest feedback, customers will have the option to respond anonymously if they wish. This ensures that customers feel comfortable expressing their opinions. 
  3. Collecting the responses:  The Customer Engagement Officer will oversee the collection of the results. In line with GDPR guidance the full survey result will only be accessed by the Customer Engagement Team who will share the results with relevant colleagues. 
  4. Incentivisation: During the 12 month pilot phase the survey will be incentivised, customers who choose to leave their contact details will be entered into a monthly £50 voucher prize draw.  The contact details will only be used for the prize draw. 

If you have any questions about this project or wish to suggest a question to be asked please contact 

Published: Wednesday, 27th March 2024