Did you know we have a social value fund?

You may have also heard it referred to as a Community Benefits fund, they mean the same thing and are both designed to generate benefits for not only us but for our communities, customers, and local economy, whilst minimising damage to the environment. The social value fund is monitored by our social value steering group ensuring that we can deliver projects with the most impact to our communities.

A key part of ensuring maximum benefit to the local economy is to build links between suppliers, businesses and residents, thereby reducing the amount of money ‘leaking out’ of the area. Our partnership with our suppliers enables customers and colleagues to access social value benefits.   

Find out more about how our suppliers support our social value fund


Our Better Homes, Better Basics, Better Neighbourhoods strategy:

1. Better Homes: Enhance living conditions, foster community engagement, promote sustainable practices (e.g., energy-efficient upgrades, community gardens, communal spaces). 

2. Better Basics: Address fundamental needs, improve access to essential services (e.g., food security programs, educational workshops, health and well-being initiatives). 

3. Better Neighbourhoods: Foster social cohesion, promote safety, enhance neighbourhood aesthetics (e.g., community events, neighbourhood watch programs, enhancement projects). 

By focusing on these areas, applicants can contribute to creating vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable communities. 

Funding rounds:

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Step one

Funding round opens for 30 days in May & September

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Step two

Applications are reviewed in June & October

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Step three

Funding awarded in July & November

Application guidelines

  1. Applications should align with our Better Homes, Better Basics, Better Neighbourhoods strategy aims.
  2. Applications must be from Hafod customers, groups, or third-sector organizations within a 5-mile radius of a Hafod property.
  3. Submit applications at least six weeks before funding is needed.
  4. Applications will be processed by the Social Value Steering Group with outcomes communicated via email.
  5. If awarded Community Funding, Hafod reserves the right to utilize all details, including photos, on our website and social media platforms.
  6. Successful applications will be celebrated through shared stories and impacts on our website and social media, following GDPR processes. Sharing your story at the end of the project helps us to promote the great work both you and Hafod Social Value are doing!
  7. Funding payments:
  • Payments will be made to nominated bank accounts.
  • Payments cannot be made to individuals' personal bank accounts or in cash or cheque.
  • Applicants without a bank account will be contacted to discuss alternatives.
  • Successful applicants must confirm their bank details.
  •  Payments are typically processed within 10-14 working days.


We will not fund:

  • Applications that do not support our strategic aims.
  • Applications not submitted by Hafod customers, groups, or third-sector organisations.
  • Applications outside the 5-mile radius of a Hafod property or where we provide a service.
  • Applications submitted less than six weeks before funding is needed.
  • Retroactive activities where funds have already been spent.
  • Incomplete applications.
  • Applications requiring payment to individuals' personal bank accounts, cash, or cheque.
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