Sycamore floating support service

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Our Sycamore Service operates throughout Bridgend County Borough and aims to support people over 55 to remain living independently for as long as possible. Our service provides free housing-related support to anyone with an assessed need, regardless of where they live or who owns their home. Here's Mrs Davies' story...

Personal history

Mrs Davies was referred to our Sycamore Floating Support service in November 2020 by her social worker, who highlighted that she needed support to find more suitable accommodation. She has advanced dementia and has numerous health issues, including very limited mobility. She was living in a one-bedroom flat in an older person’s scheme in Bridgend and her son and daughter-in-law were providing her with round the clock care. 

Her son and daughter-in-law both have learning disabilities and her son also had poor mentla health. As she requires so much care, her daughter-in-law was living with her but sleeping on the sofa whilst her son was going home every night to their flat. This has put pressure on their marriage over the years. 

Support provided

Sarah, a support worker, supported the family to get on the housing register so they could live together, and they were soon awarded a two bedroom ground floor flat with level access. She supported them in setting up the tenancy and to ensure their finances were correct.

Sarah visited the new property with the family to explain how they are required to clean the property to ensure they don’t get any recharges at the end of the tenancy. Mrs Davies’ daughter-in-law doesn’t always A benefits check was carried out for the family, and they now feel able to manage their money and have access to the support they need to address their debt. They are receiving support to ensure they have everything they need to care for themselves and have access to health care when needed so they don’t have to wait for it.understand what is being said and often called Sarah to get a better understanding of the situation. 

A benefits check was carried out for the family, and they now feel able to manage their money and have access to the support they need to address their debt. They are recieving support to ensure they have everything they need to care for themselves and have access to health care when needed so they don't have to wait for it. 

Outcomes achieved

Financial support enabled her daughter-in-law to apply for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and gain funding for a new bed for the couple. Mrs Davies’ son was experiencing some issues with debt which he was also receiving support for. The family felt safe and supported to get onto the housing register and look for a more suitable property. They now feel able to manage their new accommodation and are not at risk of imminent homelessness.

Future plans

Mrs Davies and her family now live in accommodation together that suits their needs. The Davies family will continue to be supported by Sarah, primarily with budgeting, referral to debt advice and their ongoing PIP application.


"I wanted to thank your service for excellent support Sarah has provided to the Davies family in Bridgend. Sarah has worked really very hard with this family for many months and in a couple of weeks of time they will be moving to a lovely 2 bedroom property where they can all live together. It has been a difficult case but Sarah has been very patient and professional throughout and her wealth of knowledge about housing related issues and benefits is incredible."

Mrs Davies's Social Worker