Pan of boiling water on a hob

Top tips for saving energy in the kitchen and cooking smart.

  1. Your freezer uses more energy if it’s empty so make sure food is spread evenly in different drawers. You can use newspaper to fill empty spaces.
  2. Boil only the water you need in the kettle for a speedier and cheaper cuppa.
  3. Wash clothes at 30 degrees to save energy and make your clothes last longer. 
  4. Turn off your oven 5-10 minutes before the end of your cooking time – the oven will stay hot to finish cooking your food without using energy.
  5. Keep your fridge between 3-5 degrees. This will keep your food cool but not too cool.
  6. Slow cookers are very energy efficient. They’ll also have a hot meal ready and waiting for you. 

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