Our Customer Charter sets out how we will work with you as customers to achieve the ambitions you have for you, your families, and communities. It embraces everyone who lives in our homes and communities, no matter what kind of housing they live in or services they access, including extra care, nursing homes, supported housing, homecare, and affordable housing.

The charter applies to everything we do from community activities, local housing management, repairs, and maintenance through to top level decisions. We believe it is essential that you and the communities you live in decide what is important.

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    We will work with you to:

    • come up with your own plans and ideas
    • agree what support you need to be successful
    • be imaginative and creative
    • identify other groups and agencies who can help
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    We will do this by:

    • developing honest relationships with you
    • helping you achieve your goals
    • supporting your community
    • providing advice
    • promoting employment and training opportunities
    • using a wide range of ways to connect with you
    • welcoming different points of view
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    We will know we have been successful if:

    • you look forward to becoming involved and others want to join in
    • you believe you have a say over the services you receive
    • there is better planning, shared power and agreed results
    • there is good two-way communication between us
    • fresh ideas are being discussed
    • there is respect and appreciation between you, us and within our communities
    • everyone has opportunities to take part
    • we learn lessons and share experiences
    • our customers, colleagues and communities are happy!