Our responsibilities



  • If you have water leaking within your home, please get in touch with us straight away. We will help you stop the leak before we can review the issue.
  • If water leaks outside your home, please get in touch with your water supplier for assistance.
  • If your home repeatedly has blockages, we will investigate why this is and work with you to avoid these in the future.


  • If your window glass, seals, frames, or handles need repair, please contact us.
  • If your window is faulty through accidental damage, we will replace it for you, but you will be recharged.


  • Please get in touch with us if the door to your home is not secure.
  • If your door is not secure through accidental damage or forced entry, you may be recharged for any repair or replacement.

Internal wiring

  • If you have a wire in your home that is part of internal electrics, e.g. to lights or light switches, please contact us immediately.
  • Do not touch or go near the exposed wire. If the damage is to a light switch, do not touch or go near the damaged switch.

Heating system

  • If your heating system is not working or has become loose from its fixed position, we can repair these. We do not bleed radiators.

Kitchen units

  • We will repair your kitchen units if they are damaged through wear and tear. If they are damaged through misuse or accidentally, any repairs will be recharged to you.


  • We are responsible for your kitchen and bathroom flooring if wear and tear has caused a trip or slip hazard.
  • Floor coverings in other areas of your home, such as carpets etc., are your responsibility.
  • There may be some exceptions to this in Welsh Housing Partnership (WHP) homes and supported accommodation. Please check your tenancy agreement for details.

Fire alarms and carbon monoxide monitors

  • These should be left alone unless they are beeping.
  • If your alarm is sounding intermittently, the backup power battery likely needs replacing. To do this, just pull the cover off the alarm and replace the battery within.
  • If your gas or carbon monoxide alarm is sounding (rather than indicating a low power battery), turn all gas appliances off, make sure everyone in your home leaves the property. Contact the national gas emergency service on 0800 111 999 and then also phone us.

Roofs and gutters

  • If your roof is leaking or damaged, please get in touch with us straight away.
  • We will replace any cracked and damaged guttering. Damage to downpipes will be repaired if through ageing. Damage through accidental damage may be recharged to you.
  • Your gutters may be able to be cleared by us. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for individual details.

External fencing and brickwork

  • Please contact us if the fence is in a dangerous or insecure state and could harm you or your neighbours.

External walls

  • If your external walls have large cracks or damage, please contact us.
  • Cosmetic works such as painting or rendering will be completed as part of the planned cycle of maintenance rather than a repair.


Internal walls

  • If your internal walls have large cracks that you could fit a pound coin in or damage, please contact us straight away.
  • If you have large areas of exposed damaged plasterwork, please contact us.
  • These are your responsibility for cosmetic works such as painting, small holes or small areas of replastering due to accidental damage.