Your responsibilities


Damage by a member of your household or a visitor

  • You should maintain your home to a good standard. Your responsibility is to keep your home as stated in your tenancy agreement and not misuse any of your home’s fixtures, fittings and structures. We will be able to assist with some repairs to accidental damage, but this will be chargeable to you.

Broken glass except in communal areas

  • If any damage is caused as a result of a burglary or vandalism, you must first report it to the police, who will give you a crime reference number. Without a crime reference, you will be charged for the repairs.

Floor coverings, not including your kitchen or bathroom

  • The only floor coverings weare responsible for are in your kitchen and bathrooms. Please contact us if these are worn through and a trip or slip hazard.
  • Carpets etc., in other areas of your home, are your responsibility.


  • You are responsible for installing, connecting or removing appliances e.g. cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, televisions etc.
  • There may be some exceptions to this in Welsh Housing Partnership (WHP) homes and supported accommodation. Please check your tenancy agreement for more details.
  • We are not responsible for installing TV aerials. You will need to contact a specialist who will fit one for you unless you live in a block of flats or retirement scheme, where there is a communal TV aerial.

Lost keys, entry fobs and damaged door locks

  • It is a good idea to leave a key with a relative, friend or neighbour in case of emergency. If you have lost your keys, please check if a relative, neighbour or friend has a spare key you could use to get in quickly.
  • Do not attempt to force entry to your home, as this could result in you being charged for damage caused to your property.
  • New fobs or entry system devices are available. However, you will be charged for these.

Internal doors

  • Please check your occupation contract around internal door responsibilities.
  • We will repair hinges, latches and handles to keep your home in good repair - but you may incur charges if repeated damage due to misuse.

Electric light bulbs except in communal areas

  • You are responsible for any replacement or installation of light bulbs. These should be fitted by a professional.

Cracks to plasterwork

  • Please get in touch with us immediately if your internal walls have large cracks (that you could fit a pound coin in) or damage.
  • Small holes or small areas of replastering due to accidental damage are your responsibility.

Curtain and blind tracks or rails

  • You are responsible for any curtain and blind tracks or rails.
  • Please contact us if your shower rail needs repair through normal wear and tear.

Blocked drains outside your home

  • Please get in touch with your water provider. If you have a blocked drain or pipes outside your home, they will be able to help you.

Adaptations and handrails

  • You are not allowed to carry out any major work in your home. Please contact your Neighbourhood Coach for advice and support if you need any adaptations.


  • If there is mould in your home, there are ways some activity changes in your home can avoid this. Read our advice and tips.
  • If you need help and advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Blocked toilets and basins

  • If you have a water leak in your home, please try and stop the flow.
  • We will investigate and replace damage to flooring, pipework etc.
  • If the cause of the leak is due to your sink or toilet being blocked through misuse, you can unblock these with over the counter products. If we do this for you will be recharged for repairs.
  • Plugs and chains to sinks and baths are your responsibility.

Toilet seats

  • We replace these before you move in. You are responsible for ensuring they are suitable and securely fixed to the toilet.

Shower heads and hoses

  • We will provide you with new shower heads and hoses before you move in. If these get damaged following you moving in, you are responsible for replacing them.

Window opening restrictors

  • If your windows do not require window restrictors due to your property type we do not fit them. You are responsible for ensuring the safety of your family members around open windows.
  • If you feel you require restrictors due to certain circumstances please contact us to discuss.

Electric and gas meters

  • If you have any issues with your energy supply, please contact your supplier directly.

Upkeep of your garden

  • Your garden should stay within your property boundary. You are responsible for any overgrown trees or bushes.
  • Keep your garden well maintained to avoid possible damage to boundary fencing or your property and to avoid unwanted wildlife.
  • You are responsible for moving satellite receivers or other external fittings erected by the home occupier.
  • If your garden is waterlogged, contact your water supplier as it could indicate a leak.


  • If you have or put up a shed on your property grounds, everything concerning this, location, landlord or planning permission, maintenance, security, and community fit is your responsibility.
  • If your shed breaches any planning regulations or causes community disturbances, we have the right to contact you to investigate to reach suitable solutions. Please get in touch with us for more details.
  • Please call us if your shed was supplied by us and is damaged, causing a health and safety issue.

Pest control

  • Keep your home a clean and secure environment to avoid attracting pests. We are not responsible for dealing with rodent infestations in your home or garden unless it is a communal area.
  • Should your property have holes that might allow pests such as rats/mice/birds into your home, please contact us, and we will fill these.
  • We are not responsible for dealing with insect infestations in your garden unless it is a communal garden.