Report a repair using our online form and provide as much detail as possible. If you need to report a defect in a new build home, please report this using our defect form

Who's responsible for what?

We may charge you to repair any problems or damage caused by you; for example, if you lose your key or break a window. These are called rechargeable repairs.

Examples of rechargeable repairs: 

  • Broken windows
  • Loss of keys 
  • Replacement key fobs
  • Broken sanitary ware (i.e. toilets, sinks)
  • Damage to internal doors
  • Where work is requested as an emergency and no access is available when contractors call within three hours
  • Broken smoke alarms 
  • Damage to kitchen worktops or kitchen units 
  • Damage to external doors through forced entry 

    Emergency repairs

    Emergency repairs are repairs that are essential to protect your health and safety or prevent any serious damage to your home.

    Emergency repairs include:

    • Gas servicing
    • Electrical servicing
    • Gas leaks
    • Carbon monoxide alarm alerts
    • Burst water pipes
    • Blocked toilet when sole toilet in dwelling
    • Lift failure
    • Unstable brickwork
    • No electricity
    • Broken windows
    • Loss of all heating
    • Bad roof leaks
    • Securing the property following incidents of racial harassment, fire, domestic violence or police activity
    • Where a situation arises which is clearly an emergency because of the contract holders circumstances (e.g. newborn baby, disabilities, support needs etc)

    Repair timescales

    Target times for repairs depends on their risk and urgency. We will attend or respond to repairs within the times below, unless otherwise stated.


    24 hours


    7 days


    28 days

    What's the difference between a repair and planned works?

    Reactive replacement is usually smaller scale repairs to your home, such as a broken window handle or leak in either the kitchen or bathroom. When we attend, these repairs are usually completed within a few hours.

    Planned maintenane is bigger, full replacements in your home, such as kitchen and bathroom replacements, full roof replacements, boiler replacement, full home windows and door replacements. This type of work tends to take longer than a few hours and will often take a day or more to be completed when we attend.


    Fixing leaks

    Welsh Water's Cartref project helps customers identify and fix leaks – this can be anything from a dripping tap to a leaky loo, which can waste around 12 litres an hour. Over a day this adds up to 288 litres – nearly two people’s average daily water usage.

    Using the easy-to-use postcode checker, you can see if your property falls into one of these areas, and if it does, Cartref can set up an appointment with one of their certified plumbers, completely free of charge.

    As part of the service, a number of common leaks can be fixed completely free of charge. Even if the leak can’t be fixed by one of their plumbers, they can give you helpful tips and tricks on saving water and give details of a company who can help you further.