At Hafod, we believe in building communities and making connections, so our housing services are delivered to customers using a coaching model. Your neighbourhood housing coach is here to support you with all aspects of your tenancy and can also help to connect you with local resources, support and social activities.

Our team of neighbourhood income coaches are also available to support you with your financial well-being, not just by helping you sustain your contract with us by paying your rent but also providing support to help you acheive your financial well-being goals.

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“For us, coaching is all about being part of our local communities, connecting with you, our customers, in your areas.  

"It’s about providing support and advice that enables people to live happily in their homes. Our Coaches are here for you when you need them.” 

- Alison Clements, Head of Housing Services

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“Your Housing Coach will support you to identify your potential, empowering you to achieve your goals and sustain your housing contract.”

- Laura Bater, Senior Neighbourhood Housing Coach 

Portrait of Michelle Holmes

“Our team specialises in areas relating to housing contracts, such as helping you to understand your rights and responsibilities, signposting to support services when customers need a little extra help, and maximising wellbeing connections.” 

- Michelle Holmes, Senior Neighbourhood Housing Coach 

Customer story: 

Nick cares for his son who has a medical condition. As Nick gets older, he is experiencing his own health problems and is struggling to cope with his caring responsibilities, meaning his wellbeing is being negatively impacted. Unsure where to go for help, Nick contacted his Neighbourhood Housing Coach, Lisa.  

Lisa was able to listen to Nick’s struggles and worked alongside him to liaise with social services. She discussed his housing options with him, including what support was available for both him and his son.  

Nick has shared that he feels more hopeful about the future and his son is now on the list to be housed somewhere better suited to his needs. Nick wasn’t aware what help was available to him until he spoke to Lisa, and we’re pleased that he was able to speak openly with her.   

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