Help reduce condensation

Condensation on a window

As the weather gets colder, we’re more likely to experience condensation and mould growth in our homes. This is largely caused by too much moisture, not enough ventilation, and our homes being too cold.  

If there is mould or damp in your home, please contact us. You can do this via the website, our app, or call us. 

There are some simple things you can do to help reduce condensation. 

Drying your clothes:  

  • Avoid drying your clothes on your radiators as this will carry the moisture from your clothes into the room. 
  • Instead, dry your washing on an airer in your bathroom. Make sure the bathroom radiator is on, any window is ajar, the extractor fan is running, and the door is closed. 

In the kitchen: 

  • Close internal doors when cooking and either put the extractor fan on or open the window.  
  • After cooking, leave the window securely open and the extractor fan running to allow moisture to escape.  
  • Use lids on cooking pans to trap the steam. 

Ventilation in your home: 

  • Ventilate your home by ensuring that any vents, where fitted, are open and clean. 
  • Try cross ventilation by opening a small window downstairs and one upstairs on the opposite side of the house, or diagonally opposite if you live in a flat. 
  • Where possible avoid placing furniture against outside walls. If you do, ensure you leave a gap of at least 3 inches/75 mm between your furniture and the walls of your home to allow air to circulate. 

Mould and damp - What you need to know 

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