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Thank you to the 249 customers who got involved in Question of the Month in 2023. Find out how you influenced our services.

In 2023 eight questions were asked: 

  1. Are you interested in receiving a Hafod newsletter by email?  
  2. Was the annual rent increase information clear and helpful? If yes, what did you like about it, if no, how could we do it differently? 
  3. Do you have a personal laptop/tablet/mobile device at home with WIFI access? Are you interested in giving us feedback on our website?
  4. Are you interested in finding out more about how our customers examine our services?
  5. Have you used or viewed our new website, do you have any suggestions?
  6. Do you want to find out more about how we can help you with the costs of essentials, like food and energy?
  7. Do you have suggestions for our Connect eNewsletter Cost-of-Living edition?
  8. Would you use a customer portal?

How your feedback has influenced a decision or helped shape our services:

  • Set up a MailChimp account to enable us to email updates in a consistent format that enables customers to unsubscribe.
  • Input from different teams to ensure we have a mix of topics as suggested by customers in our Connect eNewsletter.
  • Sent a replacement rent statement to five customers and contacted customers who needed a follow up. 
  • Feedback on the Annual Rent Increase letter was fed through to our steering group to help shape future publications.
  • Feedback enabled us to get a better sense of what digital inclusions our customers are facing which is important when making future web developments. The 19 volunteers who were happy to test our website were contacted to take part later in the year.  
  • Customers who were interested in finding out how customers can examine our services were invited to scrutiny panel meeting and how to become a mystery shopper. This resulted in three new members. 
  • Created greater awareness for our customers on the services we offer online and helped us to see where there may be barriers for our customers to use the website as an alternative way of contacting us. 
  • Customers wanting to find out more about our 'We’re here for you' campaign were given links to access our cost-of-living webpage to access more information or request a contact from their coach.
  • Feedback was included in the portal proposal – Listening to our customers with a separate mailer sent to over 3k customers to share their thoughts. 76 customer voices were included in the proposal.

If you have a suggestion for a future question, we'd love to hear from you, please email

Question of the month is changing in April 2024.  Find out how you can still be involved and be in with a chance of wining a £50 voucher!  Question of the Month is changing! |

Published: Wednesday, 17th January 2024