Get involved

We actively encourage all of our tenants and residents to get involved and influence what is happening in their homes and communities.

Getting involved can be as simple as completing a survey, providing us with valuable feedback about what you think about our services. You may also wish to be involved by meeting with us to help us develop changes to our services improving the way we work.

Our Scrutiny Panel

Our Scrutiny Panel is made up of customers and plays an important role in helping to improve our services. The Panel meet regularly to review performance and make recommendations that ensures our customers have a voice, placing them at the heart of everything we do.

Join the Panel

We’re currently looking for volunteers to join us. We provide full training and, in addition to helping to drive improvements for yourself and your community, you’ll have the chance to meet new people and gain new skills. We’ll also cover any expenses.

Our Panel helps with the following:

  • Scrutinising the services we deliver to all customers
  • Providing an independent view of how we perform and how our processes work
  • Highlighting what we do well and what we need to do better
  • Reporting back on recommendations to make change happen

What we look for in panel members

  • A genuine interest in helping to improve services
  • A commitment to attend and play an active part in meetings (every 6 weeks) and attend training sessions
  • Willingness to read information and prepare for meetings to be able to understand the issues under review

Join the Panel

If you would like to find out more about the Scrutiny Panel please get in touch with your engagement team on 029 2067 5800 or fill in the form below.

Our Customer Charter

Our customer charter sets out how we will work with you as customers to achieve the ambitions you have for you, your families and communities.

Our customer charter embraces everyone who lives in our homes and communities whatever kind of housing they live in or service they access including extra care, nursing homes, supported housing, homecare and affordable housing.

It applies to everything we do – from community activities, local housing management, repairs and maintenance through to top level decisions. Hafod believes that it is essential that you and the communities you live in decide what is important.

We are committed to work with you to:

  • come up with your own plans and ideas
  • define what success will look like for you and your community
  • agree what support you need to be successful
  • be imaginative and creative
  • share what goes well and what doesn’t go so well so that other people can learn from your experience
  • identify other groups and agencies who can help

Our charter lays down the values we share, our new approach to working together, what support we can offer each other, how we will measure success and what to do if you have any questions or ideas.