Experian and the Rental Exchange Programme

We share some of your personal data with Experian, a consumer credit reporting agency.  This is to help us prevent and detect fraud and illegal subletting and to manage our rental arrears.  We also receive information about you from Experian and for the same purposes.  We process this information to fulfil our legal obligations and to prevent and detect unlawful acts.

As part of the Rental Exchange Programme, we share your rental payment history with Experian.  This programme allows tenants with a poor credit history or no credit history, who are paying their rent on a regular basis, to build up a credit score and access more beneficial finance e.g. better deals on credit cards or loans.  You can opt out of the Rental Exchange Programme at any time by contacting us.  You can call Hafod and we will opt you out.

We exchange information as part of the Rental Exchange Programme because it is in our legitimate interest to do so.

Failing to keep up with your regular payments could affect your credit rating.

If you would like more information you can visit www.experian.co.uk/rental-exchange or call Experian on 0115 9410888 and ask for a copy of the Rental Exchange Programme.