To contact you about your property and other services

We will use your contact information to get in touch with you about issues relating to your tenancy or leasehold and to deal with any legal matters arising from it. This includes repairs and maintenance, rent collection, complaints and housing management issues, in the event of an emergency, or to enforce the terms of your tenancy or lease. We may do this by post, telephone, email, social media direct messaging and text message.

We may pass on your details to contractors that provide services on our behalf. This is so they can contact you to carry out essential services related to your property. We do this because it is necessary in the performance of a contract. Where we do not have the appropriate contact details for you, we may also try and source these externally from third parties or public sources of information.

We’re constantly working to improve our services.  One of the ways we do this is by listening to our residents and asking for feedback via surveys. These surveys are mostly carried out in house.  There are occasions when we will use an agency to carry out surveys on our behalf. In such cases, we pass on your contact details to them so that they can contact you and ask about our performance.  Some surveys will fall under the Housing Act 1996 and as such there is a legal requirement on us to use your data for this purpose. Other surveys will fall within our legitimate interests however you may opt out of further contact by letting the person requesting the feedback know that you do not wish to take part in any further surveys. Surveys may be sent by post, email and text message.

We may also use your contact details to keep you updated about Hafod events or other services which do not form part of our contractual landlord services which we feel may be of interest to you. This includes our e-newsletter, letting you know about things such as energy efficiency, housing options events and financial advice.  In some cases, it maybe in our legitimate interests to use your contact details in this way or we may require your consent. You can always opt-out of further contact by simply selecting the opt out button in the email or text.  You can also opt out in writing by sending your request to Hafod, St Hilary Court, Copthorne Way, Cardiff CF5 6ES.