When we: Redecorate shared indoor areas

Why’s the work being done?

We do this work for many different reasons, they include:

  • It’s been a while since the area has been decorated
  • It’s in poor condition


What you need to do

  • While the work’s being done, we’ll need everyone to keep communal areas clear
  • We may need to paint your front door, so you'll need to allow enough time for it to dry before closing it
  • But don’t worry, we’ll put up notices in the shared areas and we'll let you know giving you plenty of notice of when the work will begin


What work may be involved?

  • To make sure you’re safe, we may check for any asbestos
  • To keep the area in good condition, we may carry out repairs to surfaces such as holes in the wall or damaged flooring
  • To keep it looking fresh and clean, we may paint the walls, ceilings, woodwork and any previously painted metal